Activites for week 4 - Submit to us:
  1. The White Lotus was a group of masters who helped end the war, out of General Iroh, Piandao, Bumi, and Pakku, which master would you have chosen to learn from? 
  2. The series ended with multiple fight scenes, which battle in the finale did you enjoy most? 
Prompts for week 4: 
  • Monday, Oct 21: Freedom
  • Tuesday, Oct 22: Versatillity
  • Wednesday, Oct 23: Wind
  • Thursday, Oct 24: Calm
  • Friday, Oct 25: Childhood
  • Saturday, Oct 26: Flight
  • Sunday, Oct 27: Direction

Poll can be found here. Results posted October 27th.
I didn't particularly like Bolin's new movie star attitude. It bugged me a lot.

Tell us your thoughts on The Sting?

I was not a fan of the masami kiss only because I am sick of the love triangle between them and Korra -_- I absolutly love varrick but I'm not sure what his motive is. Still, I just loveee him and I love that he's more than just a benevolent figure. Overall I really liked the episode and I LOVEEEE the firesages I'm excited for that

Tell us your thoughts on The Sting?

Seeing as LoK is strongly affiliated with A:tLA, we thought to do a small section about it for today, and for the episodes to follow.

Send us in your thoughts on the episode!

How do you feel about the Masami kiss? What about Bolin’s new attitude now that he’s a mover star? What do you think is Varrick’s motive? What will happen next for Korra?

Think about these questions and whatever else comes to mind as you answer!

Submit it to either our ask or submit!

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Week Three Poll and Week Two Results!

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Now for the results of Week Two’s Survey! Luckily this time around we had no ties! 

Favorite Episode

  • "Tales of Ba Sing Se"

Where would you like the visit if given the opportunity?

  • Wan Shi Tong’s Library

Whose time in Ba Sing Se did you enjoy watching the most in “Tales of Ba Sing Se”?

  • Iroh

Favorite Fight?

  • Katara and Aang vs. Zuko and Azula



Sorry about that…

It was brought to our attention that we forgot to add The Fire Bending Masters to the poll. Our apologies, we have fixed the issue, and we encourage you vote here. 

I was about to vote on the week 3 poll, but I saw that my favourite episode, The Firebending Masters, is missing!:O
from: adanwen

Whoops. Let me add that right in for you. 

Activities for week 3: Submit to us -
  1. Tell us about your favorite Gaang member, and what parts of their future you would have liked to see in the show. 
  2. if you can go on a life changing field trip with Zuko, where would you go and why?
Prompts for week 3:
  • Monday, Oct 14: Royalty
  • Tuesday, Oct 15: Power
  • Wednesday, Oct 16: Honor
  • Thursday, Oct 17: Sacrifice
  • Friday, Oct 18: Recovery
  • Saturday, Oct 19: Flame
  • Sunday, Oct 20: War
Poll can be found hereResults posted October 20th. 


Wednesday through Sunday art for Avatar the Last Airbender month, week one.

Healing // Moon // Change // Spirit // Blood

My apologies for the blurriness of some of the pictures. I am still learning how to draw animate objects and people.


• Week 2 Poll
• Confessions are always open!
• Week 2 questions

  1. Toph was part of an underground earth bending competition, which of her opponents did you favor and why?
  2. In book 2, Zuko’s sister’s sister Azula assembles her own Small Elite Team, which of the three skills that the girls have would you want to master, and why? [fire bending, knife throwing, chi-blocking]

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